Thursday, 8 January 2015

Becoming a Vegan

I never thought I would ever become a vegan. As a lifelong vegetarian I couldn't understand why vegans choose to give up diary and eggs - things I have always adored from a young age. A boiled egg in the morning, a dash of milk in my builder's tea, and cheese - cheese with everything, all day, everyday - especially on pizza - which is my favourite food.

About a week ago, my friend watched a documentary called 'Vegucated' and suggested I did the same as it had really shocked her.

Vegan Text - The Begining

Wow. It sure pulled the wool from my eyes (no pun intended). I could not believe I had been living in such ignorance - I had always thought my diet was cruelty-free. From that moment on, I couldn't look at eggs or cheese in the same way, and I guess I have become a vegan.

Vegan '2 Minutes' Joke

I decided to share my decision on Facebook to make it official, and to see if any of my friends were vegan and could give me any advice. I made sure the 'announcement' wasn't a lecture or a smug declaration (see above pic - I happen to be an atheist too), more of a question. The response was mostly positive.

Facebook Vegan Announcement

I found out a few of my friends were also vegan and even my own mother had turned vegan 2 months ago. There were links, likes, and nothing negative, accept perhaps my Auntie who seemed to think I was making the decision for my own health reasons, rather than the animal's ("just eat what you like - life is too short")

Even since posting the 'announcement' 4 days ago I have found that I don't actually miss cheese yet, and I am not sure if I will. Basically I just see it in a different light - a bit like an ex boyfriend who I was besotted with - until I found out he ran over a squirrel because it was 'funny' (sadly, and horribly, a true story)

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