Monday, 12 January 2015

Eating at Friends House - A Weekend of Vegan Feasts!

Well this weekend was a joy; two separate friends cooked vegan food for me! One set were keen for the challenge, they other is my recently converted vegan friend. I must say it was very enjoyable - for everyone.

On Saturday night we went up the hill to our good friend John's house. Together with his girlfriend, Mel, they cooked us an amazing Vegan Shepherd's Pie by Jamie Oliver (recipe here) We decided a better name might be 'Gardener's Pie'! (Vegan Joke LOL)

For dessert there was the incredibly tasty 'Apple Charlottes', which I hadn't heard of before. They were made with vegan spread instead of butter - and didn't suffer from this one bit (recipe here). I just love cooked apples; you can't go wrong with sweet, tart, cooked apples. They were topped up with vegan Booja-Booja 'Feisty Rollercoaster Ginger' ice cream - which was, again, divine. The ginger flavour was pleasantly powerful but balanced with the cooling cream. I liked the texture of the ice cream too - I tried to describe it as being like velvet, if normal ice cream is silk. This didn't really go down well as no one knew what I was talking about.

Sorry I forgot to take pics until it was too late...

Vegan Ginger ice cream Gardener's Pie Apple Charlotte - Gone but not forgotten

On Sunday night, it was over to Lou's for an aubergine and quinoa parmigiana (recipe here) for main and plum crumble with banana ice cream (recipe here) for dessert. The plums were so lovely and tart and the topping deliciously golden brown crunch. It was paired perfectly with banana ice cream, which I can actually tell you how to make as it is so simple:
  1. Peel bananas and put them in a sandwich bag
  2. Put them in freezer for at least 1 hour
  3. Bung them in a food processor and serve!
SO easy and SO tasty! I think I will be making this a lot!

The meal was so good it didn't need any dairy, I don't miss it one bit.

Saying that, I also tasted some more vegan cheddar, 'no moo' by Vegangusto, and I must say I was greatly relieved. It was tasty - more nutty than sweet (Sheese I'm looking at you) and they do a great parmesan version and a cheddar. I ordered some online today and took advantage of their new customer pack. I am curious to see what their version of mozzarella is like, as pizza is my favourite food.

Lou and I also bought a jumper each in the charity shops, as well as a brand new board game 'Articulate' - which at just 50p provided very cheap entertainment for the night. We played 'Zomies!!!' at John's, which was also an excellent buy (an earlier charity shop purchase) as we played it for 4 HOURS! (I won)

So in all, a really positive weekend for food. I was so touched that my non-vegan friends wanted to cook for me, and excited to see a new vegan cook something brand new. I am very lucky.

Vegan Pesto

I will also share one of my own creations on here, as it is much more successful than the mac cheese; vegan pesto! I have had it on toast for today's lunch too.

vegan pesto

All it is: handful of basil, handful of pine nuts, couple of spoonfuls of nutritional yeast, couple of cloves of garlic and a splash of olive oil. Bung it all in a blender and blend. Spread on toast with tomatoes and a bit of salt and pepper. Quick, easy, tasty! Also, pretty. It is a stunning bright green colour - nothing like what you buy in jars like Sacla (which I checked out the ingredients the other day - it contains potato flakes - wtf?!)


  1. Yay for banana ice cream :) - recipes are up on the blog now. I really want to try that Booja Booja, seems like they have loads of flavours - and they even do vegan truffles.

    Love your pesto recipe - looks delish. Definitely going to be trying that out soon!

  2. Great thanks Lou just added the link.

    I know! So good! I actually preferred it to normal ice cream as it wasn't as sickly.

    Your blender will do a good job with the pesto - I am having it for lunch today again :-)