Sunday, 11 January 2015

Food Marketing - Telling us What We Want to Hear

This is such a good video - I really recommend watching it right away (7mins long)

Food Marketing "use the right words, the right choice of words, and can focus the conversation the way they want to in order to convince us to buy their products." And it is so easy! When people shop in the supermarket, they don't want to think about where the animals have come from and how they have been treated, so a few reassuring words on the packaging will do. I was guilty of this!
"The power of wilful ignorance cannot be overstated. This is systematised cruelty on a massive scale. [Food marketers] only get away with it because everyone is prepared to look the other way"
Do your homework and know what you are supporting. I was saddened at the response from The Happy Egg Company when they confirmed how their 'Happy Hens' are treated (see previous blog post)

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