Saturday, 17 January 2015

Vegan of the Week - Ryan Gosling - Animal Welfare Campaigner

Ryan Gosling Animal Cruelty

Never managed to watch The Notebook, but loved Ryan Gosling in The Place Beyond the Pines and Drive, and I love him even more after his campaigning for animal welfare.

You can read his open letters below:

Against the cruel practise of 'de-horning' cows here.
Letter to KFC against cruelty to chickens here.
A Cage is Not a Life article here.

Oh I love him. He is my Vegan of the Week (that could be a good feature)

Ryan Gosling Vegan


  1. God, he really is just so great. Home alone tonight - could this be the perfect time to actually watch the notebook...?!

  2. ah Lou, I warn you, the slush was heavy in the first 2 minutes (then I turned it off) but now I'm in love with him I should really give it another go... Apparently it's a tear jerker! If you don't watch it tonight I'll watch it with you.

    Made your crumble and banana ice cream! So good!

  3. Downloaded but haven't watched - got distracted with cleaning. Yes, let's watch together at some point :) Yay for crumble!