Sunday, 25 January 2015

Jai Krishna - Vegetarian Curry in Finsbury Park

For our family meet up (excluding mam who is not very well) we went to Jai Krishna, a short walk from our house. I was looking forward to my first curry of the year - as they do not use ghee here!

Lucky we booked, as the place was packed to the brim on Thursday night. It was my favourite kind of service; you are left alone with the menu to write down what you want, then go and present it at the desk when you are ready. We needed lots of time - as there were so many delicious dishes to choose from!

It was also BYOB - so we popped into the Sainsburys for our drinks. Unfortunately I am doing Dry January, so couldn't drink wine. But BOY did I want to! Even my dad tried to tempt me. I didn't though.

There was a nice atmosphere in the restaurant - the staff were friendly and relaxed - I liked the informality of ordering and the absence of 'uniforms' (no paisley waistcoats) it had a nice, honest family run vibe.

We ordered lots of little dishes to share, including my all-time favourites sagg bhaji and tarka dahl. Wow, the table was hardly big enough when all of our order was served! It was a feast! Favourites included the pumpkin curry, jeera aloo and the divine Kachori Chat with pomegranate seeds.  You can view a menu on Zomato here.

I forgot to take a picture at the beginning as we were all so hungry, but here is one close to the end!

We managed to eat it all - and felt pleasantly stuffed. I think the absence of ghee meant it was easier to digest and none of us experience the 'post-curry coma' that I am used to.

The bill came, and despite eating like kings and queens it was only £12.50 each, including tip. Needless to say I will be eating here again!

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