Friday, 9 January 2015

Roux Sauce and My First Experience with Vegan Cheese

A couple of days ago I made a lovely pasta 'cream' sauce with soya milk. I thought it was divine!

The recipe is on the PETA site but it is fairly simple, just replace milk with soya milk.

I didn't have any vegan-friendly butter - so I just used olive oil for the roux sauce and it worked perfectly. I also added spinach, onion and topped it off with ground up cashew nuts and yeast flakes (I really recommend these, they have a strong, cheesy flavour and contain much needed B12 and zinc vitamins for a Vegan diet)

B12 Yeast Flakes

Very pleased with the result. My boyfriend less so; insisting that is was nice but just 'not amazing'. He has just become a vegetarian, though perhaps I will talk about this in another post, I am going off topic...

So, last night I planned to make a vegan mac cheese, and asked my partner to pick up some vegan cheese for us to try for the first time.

The only brand at our supermarket was Sheese Medium Strength Cheddar. Should do the job!

Scheese Vegan Cheese - Cheddar

We opened it, and it smelt... powerful. The only way I can describe it is slightly sweet, chemical scent. Identical to Snack-a-Jacks Cheese flavouring (I used to eat tonnes of these as a teenager - convinced they were 'healthy') The colour and consistency was rubbery - a bit like burger cheese that you get in individual packets - just thicker. We each tried a tiny slither - my partner did not like it one bit, but he isn't a massive 'cheese person' so put it down to being fussy. I thought it was OK - definitely had a processed taste and texture though (obviously) which wasn't great. But then we had only tried a bit.

We grated a small amount into the roux sauce - nothing near to how much we used to use for mac cheese. It wouldn't quite melt, so there were orange bits in the yellow sauce (not very appetising aesthetically)

After baking the mac cheese (with leek and mushrooms) for 20mins, time to dig in.

Oh dear. Not very nice. The strength of the cheese was overpowering - it tasted sickly and ruined what would have been a nice creamy sauce. My boyfriend didn't get very far, he forced 2 forkfuls down and then said "I'm so sorry, I can't eat this - it's making my gorge rise."

Though I actually managed to finish my portion as my gag reflexes didn't kick in, I didn't enjoy it. We used to eat 1/4 of normal mac cheese (sometimes even 1/2) from the same cooking dish. My heart sank when I went into the kitchen to see that there is about 2/3 left. So thats going to be a fun few lunches for the next few days (I can't bear / afford waste)

As for the sheese - I am going to see if my friend likes it, or who knows, maybe it will grow on me. My friend has got another brand and said it was quite nice, though I will try before I buy!

I feel bad for leaving a bad review as the company's heart is obviously in the right place, but this alternative just was not for me.

In my boyfriend's own words:
"Serious question - who would actually eat this"


  1. Sheese 'Cream Sheese' is actually really delicious.
    If you like Philadelphia you should try Cream Sheese.

    It also works well as a carbonara sauce :)

    1. Thanks for the tip, Phoenix! I do like that style cheese so will give it a go! I am discovering so many new things - becoming vegan has been so easy - I thought it would be a struggle.