Monday, 17 August 2015

Vegan Lasagne with Cashew Cheese

This was my first go at cashew cheese, and naturally, I loved it. I think I've pretty much loved everything since going vegan (apart from Sheese)

I used this recipe from Oh She Glows.

For the cheese, I soaked the cashews for a few hours, and used frozen basil. I've had it once in a restaurant in New York, which was so smooth it was like whipped cream, I couldn't achieve this level with my flatmate's blender, but I did like the nutty texture.

Now for the lasagne itself I adapted the recipe slightly, for the veg I just used fresh spinach, mushrooms, onion and garlic which I fried for about 6mins. I also added grated courgette as a layer - uncooked. Grating is Great (aha) as it makes the courgette all smooth and creamy. I personally don't like chunks of courgette. For the cheese on top I used Violife pizza (my personal favourite) and biona for the pasta sheets (which you don't have to cook)

YUM. It made four meals worth, I served it with some rocket and a drizzle of balsamic.

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