Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Sagar Covent Garden - Vegetarian Vegan Curry - Vegan Thali

Sagar at covent garden was a wonderful meal pre theatre. It is a vegetarian curry house that has vegan options.

We were lucky - a couple next to us overheard me trying to figure out what I could eat and recommended the vegan thali - which wasn't on the menu! We took their advice and had one each - though our eyes were much bigger than our stomachs as we couldn't quite finish it. I think 1 between 2 would have been ideal, especially as our favourites were different (mine was the okra, Luke's the cauliflower)

Sagar Covent Garden

They also have guilt-free vegan wine.

The waiter was also very sweet, and he had just turned vegan so we had a nice chat about this. A really positive experience, will be going back!

Sagar Covent Garden

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