Monday, 14 September 2015

Wagamama - Vegan Option - Warm Tofu Chilli Salad

I went to Wagamama hoping against hope that their katsu curry with breaded sweet potato and aubergine was vegan. The friendly waiter went and got a file with all the food allergy information and we looked through. Alas, the breaded mixture had egg in it and there was nothing they could do!

Their yasai itame is vegan but I went for the warm tofu chilli salad and I was happy. Really big, tasty and  good value. The star of the show was the super green juice - apple, mint, celery and lime. Gosh it was good - so sour and refreshing.

I later read somewhere that you can ask for the katsu sauce with rice and perhaps a bit of veg. After all, it is the katsu sauce which is the main event with my old favourite meal! I will try it out one day, though let me know if this is true.

vegan wagamamma

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